Official blames god for Kolkota flyover mishap

8-kolkata (File) However, not many at IVRCL consider god to be responsible for the mishap

When faced with tragedies, it is not uncommon for people, even those who do not usually visit a temple or church to call on god or resort to prayer. Yet not many dare to blame god for tragedies that befall them.

It came as a surprise then that one of the officials of the IVRCL Construction company, which was responsible for the construction of the flyover which collapsed in West Bengal, killing as many as 24 and injuring many more, chose to pin the blame on the Almighty.

"It is nothing but god's act," claimed Panduranga Rao of the IVRCL, according to media reports. "So far in 27 years we have constructed number of bridges... this has never happened before. We in the management are also under shock," he was quoted as saying.

The West Bengal government has ordered a high-level probe into the incident that triggered a blame game with the opposition accusing the Mamata Banerjee government of callousness. A four-member police team from the state has already arrived in Hyderabad to question officials of IVRCL.

However, not many at IVRCL consider god to be responsible for the mishap. "It is an accident," IVRCL officials said, claiming that the accident had nothing to do with the quality of materials used for construction.

"...100 per cent no issues with regard to quality. It is the same material that was used for the 60th section (which collapsed), that was used for the 59 sections after approval ...unfortunately it collapsed," IVRCL's legal team head P Sita told reporters.

"We are not aware how it happened...we want to know the reason why it (collapse) happened. We will cooperate with the investigation agencies...we are anxious to know why it happened, we want to know the reasons," she said.

"IVRCL will cooperate with all the authorities in investigating this accident. We are trying to ascertain the reasons for the occurrence of this accident. We have asked all our officials concerned to be available with the investigating authorities," she said.

Defending the statement of Rao, she said, "It is just an expression. We are extremely shocked by this incident."

Mamata Banerjee, however, was in no mood to take any sort of blame especially as the first phase of the assembly polls are only days away. Instead, she chose to pass the buck on to the Left. "The construction of the flyover began in 2008... during CPM time not ours," the CM said.

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