No short skirts will be allowed in Chandigarh pubs

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In what appears to be an apparent bid to throttle nightlife in Chandigarh, the district administration has come out with a policy to shut down pubs and discotheques that allow 'scantily dressed women'.

According to media reports, in an absurd 'Controlling of Places of Public Amusement, 2016' policy brought out by the district administration, indecency and sedition have been cited as reasons to not allow women who are 'scantly' clad in pubs and discotheques.

The policy has also reduced the bar timings by two hours. Now, the bars are allowed to serve alcohol only till 12 midnight.

The administration have also made it tough for bar owners to run business as a nodal committee has been formed to grant or refuse permission for renewal of operations of bars and discotheques.

According to the policy, the committee has the power to deny permission to discotheques if they find any sort of violation of these norms. If the committee feels that there is a case of "exhibition or advertisement of scantily dressed women" and "indecency" or if there is any sort of behaviour that is "seditious and likely to excite political discontent," permission to bars and discotheques can be denied.

The move has met with stiff opposition from hoteliers and restaurant owners in the city who said they have not come across any instance of sedition from any such establishments.

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