Mother, Facebook lover kill teen, disguise it as suicide in Punjab

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A woman and her lover, who she met on Facebook, were arrested for the murder of the former's 17-year-old daughter in Punjab's Abohar town.

According to media reports, the accused, Manju Kamboj and her lover Vijay Kumar alias Sonu, killed Diksha and tried to make it look like a suicide.

Kamboj befriended Kumar on Facebook in October 2015 when he was in Saudi. They soon fell in love and he returned to India in December.

They started living together at the woman's home in Abohar, but her daughter was unaware her mother's relationship. Diksha and Kumar began an affair and she wanted to marry him until one day she saw him in the bed with her mother.

This led to an altercation between the mother-daughter duo and to prove her love for Kumar, Diksha engraved his name on her wrist with a sharp object.

Upset and angry after seeing this, Kamboj strangled her daughter to death and to make it appear like a suicide, with the help of Kumar, she hanged the body of her daughter from a ceiling fan. They also prepared a suicide note, holding her relatives responsible fore the suicide.

On May 24, Kamboj told the cops that her daughter committed suicide and the police found the body hanging from the fan and recovered the suicide note. She claimed that her daughter took the extreme step after their relatives refused to give them their share of property after the death of Kamboj's husband.

In the wake of these claims, the police had filed a case against her relatives and began the investigation. During the interrogation, Kumar told the police about the crime following which they were taken into custody.

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