Gujarat student checks his own exam paper, scores a 100

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A Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) student, who fared very poorly in various other subjects during the board examination—Gujarati (13), English (12), Sanskrit (4), sociology (20), psychology (5)—scored 100/100 in economics.

Well, do not even try to defend the student, Harshad Sarvaiya, saying may be he was interested only in economics and therefore the said result. He managed to score a 100 by checking his own paper with red ink and giving himself full marks before submitting the paper, according to media reports.

It was not just economics, he did the same for geography as well in what the board authorities agreed as an unprecedented case.

Sarvaiya made sure that he did not have the total score marked on the main page of the answer sheets. The teachers, who were examining the economics paper, failed to spot this lapse. He was not so lucky with geography for which he scored only 34.

However, the mistake was caught when his marks were fed into a software to prepare the result which showed the major discrepancy in his exam results.

A show-cause notice has been issued to the teachers and the boy will be debarred from exams if found guilty.

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