Terror has nothing to do with religion, says Aamir


Actor Aamir Khan, who was seen celebrating the Eid with his mother on Thursday, said that people who spread terrorism or indulge in terror acts have no connection with mazhab (religion).

Asked to comment on the spate of terrorist activities around the world which have been given a religion colour, the actor said: "People who spread terrorism or do it, have no connection with mazhab (religion), that's what I think. Then whether he is of any religion, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian..."

He added, "However much they say that they are doing it for religion, they have no relation with religion because if they actually followed it, (they will know) mazhab teaches us love."

To a question whether controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik should be banned, Aamir said: "I won't comment on that. I have said what I want to."

Asked how he celebrated Eid, Aamir said: "On Eid I meet my family, spent time with them. When I was small I was interested in Eidi."

"Kiran and Azaad are not here, they have gone to Europe on a holiday. I give Azaad only Rs 2 Eidi, so that he doesn't get spoiled (Zyada bigaadna nahi hai)," he added.

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