Teaser out for Dunkirk, Nolan's next

dunkirk-nolan Screenshot from Nolan's next venture, Dunkirk.

After the roaring success of space odyssey Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan is all set to take fans on another epic journey with Dunkirk, a story set during the Second World War. On August 4, Warner Brothers released a one-minute teaser creating much curiosity among general audience.

This is Nolan's first attempt at writing and directing a story based on true events of the Dunkirk evacuation. With cinematography by Hoyte can Hoytema, from Spectre, Her and Interstellar fame, there's a lot to expect, that too on the IMAX print.

Co-produced by his wife Emma Thompson, the film stars Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, Jack Lowden, Cillian Murphy and 1D singer, Harry Styles. The film will release worldwide in July 2017. To see how Nolan deals with the massive scale of the historical event should be worth the wait.

Teaser talk
The teaser could be too short to grasp the theme, but it surely carries Nolan's trademark style of filmmaking. The tension in the video is amplified by the background score—all credits to Hans Zimmer. While a watch ticks away against tidal waves, we see a soldier (could it be Tom Hardy?) walk towards the sea. There are what look like dead soldiers' bodies on the shore. And then, on a boat full of soldiers, one man looks up to a sound.

What's the Dunkirk evacuation about?
Dunkirk is a coastal harbour in France, about 10 kilometres from the Belgian border, a strategic location during the Second World War. Between May and June 1940, Allied troops, comprising French, British and Belgian soldiers, were stranded at the harbour. They were surrounded by German troops. In code-named Operation Dynamo, over 300,000 soldiers were evacuated from the coast of Dunkirk in eight days—a massively coordinated, almost 'miraculous' effort. Ships—big and small—were used to transport scores of these soldiers back onto bigger warships sent by the Allied troops.

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