How Rowling has kept Harry Potter fans happy beyond the books

BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-LITERATURE-THEATRE-HARRY POTTER The entrance to the Palace Theatre is seen ahead of the premiere of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage play in London on July 30, 2016 | AFP

J.K. Rowling is known for her endless creative energy that is keeping the Harry Potter universe (shortened to Potterverse) alive and thriving since the first book in 1997.

Apart from ebooks, audio books and video game versions of the Potter series, Rowling has ensured that her fans never have a dry spell. From big-budget films to spin-off books and a recently-released play, here is a look at how the Potter magic has spilled out of its paper-white pages, into the real world:

The Cursed Child on stage
On July 30, London's Palace Theatre was thronged by Potterheads to see a live-action adaptation of a new original story by Rowling. Fans were enchanted, some even saying that the experience was better than the special effects of the films. While Rowling came up with the story, it was the combined efforts of celebrated playwright Jack Thorne, theatre director John Tiffany and the talented cast that made it a success.

A seven-billion-dollar film franchise
Ever since the first Harry Potter film took over the screens in 2001, it has been nothing but a money-making enterprise for the producers and Rowling. In the 10 years between the first film (Philosopher's Stone) and the last (Deathly Hallows), the eight films have grossed $7.7 billion. Second only to the Marvel films in the highest grossing series, it is said to cross reported highs of the Star Wars saga.

Playing it real at theme parks
In 2010, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up in Florida, a collaboration between Universal and Warner Brothers. The theme park includes rides that recreate Potterverse, and a real Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross station to Hogsmead station at the theme park. Similar theme parks are open at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan. In 2012, in London, Warner Brothers started a public walking tour through the sets where the films were shot, featuring real props and costumes.

INDIA-BOOK-LAUNCH-HARRY-POTTER Indian fans of Harry Potter browse through J.K. Rowling's latest book on the day of its launch at a book store, in Bangalore on July 31, 2016. | AFP

The portal to a magical world
Founded by Rowling, Pottermore.com is a treasure trove for Potter-maniacs. If anything ensured that the love for Potter kept going, it was this website, created and curated by her. It features news articles, unpublished content and original back stories of characters, all written by Rowling. Games and activities have kept Potterheads hooked to the site since 2011, when the beta-testing version was released.

Quidditch: running with a broom between the legs
Yes, the competitive annual game that is played in Hogwarts is an actual sport today. The first quidditch match was played in 2005 in a college in Vermont in the US. Today, rules and matches are governed by the International Quidditch Association, formed in 2010. The game is similar to its fictional counterpart—without the flying, of course.

Harry's library books
The best part about Rowling's spin-off books on the series is that they are actually found within the Potterverse. For instance, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is Harry's copy of the textbook first introduced in Philosopher's Stone. It even includes doodles by Ron and notes by Hermione and Harry. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages and The Tales of Beedle the Bard are also published as library books from Hogwarts. Yet, they are original and creative as stand-alone books.

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