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Pink is 'an engaging social thriller'

pink-big-b Taapsee Pannu in the movie

Be it because of Big B or the riveting story that Pink promises, the gripping trailer of the movie managed to create a buzz on social media platforms within a few hours. Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, who has created magic with his previous films and bagged two National Awards for Anuranan (2006) and Antaheen (2008), is delighted with the response. “This is great," he says. "When we were cutting the trailer, we had a feeling that it will be liked. It’s important to like your work, only then people will also appreciate it. You have to believe in your work.”

Chowdhury had not planned the movie to be made in Hindi. According to Shoojit Sircar, the producer, Chowdhury had approached him with the story of three girls and wanted to place it in Kolkata. “But I have lived in Delhi for 18 years and I know what Delhi is. I felt the film would work best if placed it in Delhi,” Sircar says.

Chowdhury recalls how Sircar convinced him to make the movie in Hindi. “I wanted to do a Hindi film, but then it also happened because of Shoojit. It was he who said this is the right time and the right concept to do it,” he said.

The team soon started working on it. It took almost two-and-a-half years to develop the story into a script. One of the best things to happen was Amitabh Bachchan's entry. “It was spontaneous,” says Roy, recalling how, soon after the narration of the story, the actor agreed to do the film.

However, the strength of the film, Chowdhury feels, lies in the team work. “We worked together like a family,” he says.

Not revealing the plot much, Chowdhury says Pink is a story that he always wanted to tell. In short, he defines it as an engaging social thriller that can have a huge impact. “Each frame in the film is true to life. It’s a story which all of us had an urge to tell,” he says, adding, that a lot of elements used in the film have been personally experienced by him.

Since the trailer of the film reveals a legal battle on the account of rape and murder, many anticipated that it might be inspired by the infamous Nirbhaya case. “Nirbhaya is a big scar in our heart, mind and legal system. We feel ashamed. We went through each department of that case (Nirbhaya case),” he said at a press conference, but clarified that the film was not inspired by the case. “We have seen these kind of cases in Delhi, Kolkata. We were inspired by real court cases around the country.”

Chowdhury is often credited for reviving Bengali cinema in the recent years. Besides the abstract realism that has been a constant feature in most of his films, he is also praised for the music scores. This time, he has collaborated with three composers. The background score is composed by Shantanu Moitra. “Shantanu has worked on all my films and I was very comfortable with him,” said Chowdhury, who admits to having a knack for music, which was further augmented by collaborating with Sircar. “I have loved the music in Madras Cafe and Piku. I am sure when people hear it, they will love it. It is just so apt for the film,” he confidently says.

After the warm response to the trailer, he hopes that the film, too, will be received well.

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