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Nawaz, the game changer?

More than a decade ago, a short guy was seen as one of the most underrated characters in a hard-hitting film (Black Friday). A few years down the line in 2009, he would be seen as a background dancer styled as Elvis Presley in one of the most popular songs of Dev. D. People were still to take note of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who had struggled enough for years doing smaller, side roles. 2013 was the year of change for the actor. As the sauve Mr Khan in Kahaani, Siddiqui left such a mark that fangirls sent him letters requesting to meet him only to be disappointed (acknowledged by the actor himself in very many interviews) to see a short, thin, dark person in reality.

But now, his not-so-good-looking features and his rustic look weren't a setback for him. He had already bagged the life-changing roles in Kahaani, followed by Gangs of Wasseypur. If people in the industry were vocal with adulation and admiration for the actor, they were also concerned about the actor being typecast in similar roles (mostly because of his looks).

But challenging norms and perceptions, Siddiqui neither got typecast, nor did he end up just doing multi-hero films or side roles. If he was applauded as the Bihari villager Manjhi—the mountain man, he freaked out as psycho Raman in Raman Raghav 2.0. He has already made news in the last few months for being cast as Saadat Hasan Manto in Nandita Das's film on the controversial writer. However, what has brought him back in the news is Freaky Ali that will see him as a golfer—a game of the rich—which may reconstruct his image completely.

A rags-to-riches story, the film will see Siddiqui as a undergarment entrepreneur, wannabe don and a gully cricket player who gets introduced to golf.

The trailer of the film that is directed by Sohail Khan and produced by Salman Khan, was launched in Mumbai today. A man of few words or rather someone who is shy to talk a lot, Nawaz surprised everyone with the delivery of one of the trickiest dialogues in the film when he was asked about the difficulties while doing the film. The breathless dialogue required Nawaz to sell “chaddis” for more than a minute. Interestingly, it was the first shot for the film and the actor got it right in one go. “I had practiced it since 4 in the morning,” he said when asked asked how he got it flawless.

However, it was Salman Khan who made the apt statement by saying that Siddiqui has been cast for the film just because of this attitude. “If this dialogue was given to me, I would have taken many retakes and after one delivery I would have forgotten it completely, but just look at him,” he remarked appreciating the actor.

Riding on Siddiqui's back, the film will hit the screens on September 9.

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