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Making noise with a silent film


Soumya Bollapragada became thoughtful when she heard the statistics that 98 per cent of rapes in the country are committed by people known to the victim. "I had been reading about rapes, incestuous rapes and then heard horrendous stories from my friends and other families," said Bollapragada. This led her to make a 12 minute short film called I am She, which is currently available on YouTube.

The short film is a forceful voice against what women are subjected to on a daily basis and is a loud cry for change, Bollapragada said. "The film is based on real-life incidents of marital rape and incest, what women go through at work places, what is reported in newspapers across the country and from people who have talked to me," said Bollapragada, who penned the story, directed and produced the film. The main character has successfully projected the pain a woman goes through when faced with sexual abuse in her own house. A silent film, it is the use of music that effectively conveys the mood and atmosphere .

Though Bollapragada had been thinking about making a short film for the last two years ago, it took her a long time to find a person to play the lead character in the film. Until, Shivani Rai agreed. Shivani brought along with her a few of her friends from a theatre group in Hyderabad. Thanks to help from the right sources the film got good funding. "I made an all-in-one film about what women are going through," said Sowmya. She added, "Don't be shocked when you see the lead character face all kinds of horrendous issues".

The attempt with this silent film is to drive home the point that abuse of any kind should be met head on and that the woman must resist at all times. And, according to Shivani, people must be watchful and conscious of what is happening around them. Bollapragada, who is soon to be engaged, also has a daytime job and works in animation. "Now the group wants me to make another film on an equally sensitive subject," she said. The team hopes to send the film to various film festivals.

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