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Lecoanet Hemant celebrates fashon journey with a unique exhibition

fashion-l-h Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar | Aayush Goel

In what can be hailed as a celebration of artisanal excellence, fashion designers Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar are showcasing their 36-year long fashion journey through a unique exhibition that houses some of the masterpieces of the designer duo.

The exhibition, titled 'Paris, New Delhi: From Haute Couture to the Technologies of Elegance', will be held at Bikaner House, New Delhi from March 19 to 22. It will be inaugurated by His Excellency Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India.

The designers have dedicated a special area for displaying nearly 80 of their exclusive pieces—some of which date back to the 1980s and 1990s, created in Paris and others created in their Gurugram Atelier from 2000. On display are also pieces that are hand developed, hand assembled and contemporary industrial products. “The exhibitions not only reflects our journey but also showcases the direction that we are going into,” Sagar said.

The idea is to spread awareness about the need to invest in research and design that can be instrumental in placing India on the global fashion map. The show would demonstrate the intrinsic research that goes into developing certain designs by hand and the way it has been re-developed to become an exceptional commercial product.

“In India we don't have organised retail. It's more about consignment. We have dedicated a part starting at the separation that is hand developed and made with all the technicians and the people specialised in couture training. We also have pieces that may look like a machine-made outfit, but they are actually hand assembled. Enforcing artisans to work this way will help them bring out their capacities to the fullest and reinforce a serial retail creation for people. It will also enhance commerce and creation at a new level. Its important for Indian designers to go West and its high time they should do so,” he said.

Along with the exhibition, the designers would also showcased a special edit of the GENES-Lecoanet Hemant's ready-to-wear label at the Vayu store at Bikaner House. The collection would have pieces of cotton for both men and women.

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