Peace in Kannur, please!

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Malayalam film stars appeal to political party workers to stop, think and act

Malayalam film actors have appealed to the CPI(M) and the BJP workers in Kannur to shun violence. While some expressed concern over the constant bloodshed, others blamed senior party leaders for the plight of the ordinary worker. 

Said the actor Kavya Madhavan to THE WEEK over the telephone, “I want to humbly request all my brothers in Kannur to reject violence. Let us all value life. People from north Malabar are considered simple and straightforward. Kannur is the last place where such things should happen.” Kavya said that it was the collective responsibility of every Malayali to make sure that Kerala does not turn into a killing field. 

Actor, singer and director Vineeth Sreenivasan, who grew up in Kannur till the age of 15, felt sad about the increasing political murders in the state. “Most of my films have been shot in Kannur and adjoining places. Kannur is a beautiful place laden with people who are extremely sincere. Kannur and Kerala should be known for other things, and not for political killings,” said Vineeth. His father, acclaimed actor Sreenivasan, has been quite vocal on the issue. Said Sreenivasan, “I think the people in Kannur are not only innocent, but also fools. Senior politicians of all parties are utilising their workers with false promises. They tell them that they will take care of them in case something untoward happens. The party workers should understand that these are false promises and nobody is going to help them when in dire need.” Sreenivasan, who hails from Kannur, had earlier said that martyrs are born only in the families of party workers and not in any leader’s house. 

Actor Bhavana keeps wondering what pleasure party workers get by killing each other. She said, “Who is going to look after the family of the deceased? Violence in Kannur should stop once and for all. The father of the BJP worker [K.V. Ramith], who was killed recently, was also killed in a similar manner more than 10 years ago. Just imagine the plight of his family.” 

Actor Anu Mol said that politicians and party men should show some maturity. “Let them fight with their respective ideologies. Let there be healthy arguments among politicians. But killing people is not the solution. Every life is precious,” she said.

Said the actor Aju Varghese, “The bloodshed in Kannur is really sad. I wish and pray that people in Kannur understand how important human life is.”

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