I feel comfortable in what I wear: Rita Ora

Singer Rita Ora has lost count of the number of times she's accidentally exposed her body. But she isn't worried as she is comfortable in whatever she wears.

rita-ora-reuters Rita Ora | Reuters

"It's fun. It has happened to me lots so I am not paranoid about it anymore. You end up losing track of them. Whatever, you have got to take some risks in fashion. That was a risk that I took and I am proud of it.

From the start I have always been the type to wear what I want. It is all about being an individual. I feel comfortable in what I wear," Ora told The Sun newspaper, reports

Ora has been wearing some particularly eye-catching ensembles during her stint as a judge on the British version of "The X Factor", but says she's made every effort to ensure she's never over-exposed.

Recalling a risqué Versace Atelier dress she recently wore, Ora said: "I made sure everything was in place!"

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