'Find someone who looks at you the way Ivanka looks at Justin': Twitter goes gaga over Trump-Trudeau meet

Justin-Trudeau-Canada-AP (File) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau | AP

It is a universally accepted fact that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just about the most attractive leader in global politics. The former model, described as the Jekyll to Trump's Hyde, has been the tagline of internet memes recently — the aftermath of his meeting with United States President Donald Trump. 

In the photos that circulated after the meeting, Trump's daughter Ivanka could be seen gazing at Justin Trudeau like an enamored lover. Twitter pounced on it, and how!!!

Hugely incriminating photo, this. 

Some are just plain mean. Apparently, this is not the first time that Justin found himself in a similar fix.

The meeting, ironically, was all about women in workplaces.

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