The creepy stalker from Darr is back


Remember Rahul from Darr? The psychotic stalker and obsessive lover, who set the tone for the nineties-era creep, immortalised by Shah Rukh Khan? He is back, in a modern avatar, rooted in the dark, unruly digital world of social media.

On August 30, Y-films (the youth-centric subsidiary of Yash Raj Films) released the teaser trailer for Darr 2.0, a five-part web series. Details about the web series are sparse; the cast and release date will be announced later. It is directed by Vikas Chandra, who was the associate creative producer for YRF's Detective Byomkesh Bakshi.

While it is hailed as a reboot of the 1993 cult classic, the producers announced that it is an “original tale of obsession and fear in the age of cyber stalking and digital crimes”.

The social media creep

The teaser starts off with a montage, as it describes our everyday social media experience: liking and sharing, posting photos and status updates, and making friends. The faces are happy, smiling, warm, and unsuspecting.

It then turns into a chilling reminder of how we take our safety online for granted. The words “You sure you know who's watching?” reveal a man sitting in front of his computer. He browses through women's Facebook profiles, obsessively saving their photos. In between, he pauses to run the cursor over a woman's bare-backed photo, akin to a creepy touch.

His focus is on someone called Kiran Puri, cropping out her boyfriend from a photo. In the background, we hear him say her name, similar to the 90s' Rahul: “k-k-kiran”. As the title is revealed, the haunting tune of the original Darr rings in.

Even without revealing his face, we know the kind of person he is, because we have seen such people around us: the young mind embedded in the virtual world, where he can be someone he really isn't. Posters on the wall, collectibles on his desk, a forgotten pizza box, beer bottles lined up under his desk, all in a gloomy room, make up the modern day Rahul. He spends all his time online, and is glued in to every internet phenomenon.

Reviving a cult legend

Shah Rukh Khan's Darr, a “violent love story”, is about a stalker who is obsessed with his classmate, Kiran (Juhi Chawla). He tries to get her attention, only to be shunned; but nothing stops him from pursuing his obsession. Kiran, on the other hand, gets married to Sunil (played by Sunny Deol). Still, Rahul calls her at her residence, invades her home, tries to get rid of Sunil, and even follows the couple to Switzerland. Shah Rukh's iconic rendition of Rahul—I love you, k-k-kiran—gave him a huge boost in his career.

It remains to be seen how the unfazed, insane Rahul of the nineties is revived in this series to reflect the modern day internet stalker.

This would be the sixth series by Y-films, which is known for its fresh, edgy content such as Bang Bajaa Baaraat and Ladies Room. The series had previously piqued interests when Y-films asked its fans to send across Facebook and Instagram photos of their “happiest moments”, which were eventually used within the teaser.

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