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Call-taxi driver contacts actor Vikram with diamond ring worth Rs 12 lakh

Call-taxi driver contacts actor Vikram with diamond ring worth Rs 12 lakh Tamil actor Vikram

The families of Tamil actor Vikram and industrialist C.K.Ranganathan had been a worried lot since the actor's daughter lost her precious engagement ring.

Earlier this month, Vikram's daughter Akshitha visited an ice cream parlor on the Khadher Nawaz Khan road in Chennai with friends, she lost her diamond ring worth Rs 12 lakh.

Akshitha recently got engaged to Ranganathan's son Manu Ranjith, who is also the great grandson of DMK leader M. Karunanidhi.

A case was also registered by the Thousand Lights police station in Chennai based on Akshitha's complaint over the missing ring.

To everyone's surprise, however, on Friday, a call-taxi driver contacted the actor's family through a friend to pass on the good news that he has accidentally found the lost ring.

Laxman will take the found ring to Vikram's residence in Injambakkam on August 14th at 10am.

"Gud news for all the lost ring of akshoo is found by a call taxi driver. He didn't know it's value till he saw the old newspaper yesterday. He was hesitant to hand it over to the police. He discusses this to my friend who in turn called me now. It's a nothing short of a miracle. A divine will. Happy occasion to celebrate. It will be brought back on 14 th morning @injambakkam," read a message from the actor.

Laxman was not aware of the value of the ring or to whom it belonged until he read it in a newspaper on Thursday. However, wary of going to police with the ring, he contacted Vikram's family through a common friend.

The two families are now very happy as they were sentimentally hurt when it was lost.

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