Bran Stark is all grown up

Bran-Stark Picture credit: Entertainment Weekly

Bran Stark will be back on Game of Thrones for Season 6. First look pictures shared by Entertainment Weekly show a grown up Stark with shorter hair and is apparently six feet tall. He is now 16 years old.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Bran, had spent Season 5 away as his storyline in the show had reached its end in George R.R. Martin's released novels in A Song of Ice and Fire series. The upcoming season will move beyond Martin's novels as the series nears its end.

Bran seems to be looking at the sky while riding what appears to be a horse. This change in steed has fans speculating what this might imply for the faithful character Hodor, who carried the disabled Bran after his accident. In Season 4, Bran had finally met the mysterious Three-Eyed Raven (to be played by Max von Sydow) who had appeared to him in his dreams.

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