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Vikram's 'Spirit of Chennai' goes viral

Vikram's 'Spirit of Chennai' goes viral Kollywood actor Vikram | via Commons

'Spirit of Chennai', a music video directed and produced by Tamil actor Vikram, showing how flood-ravaged Chennai came together to help those in distress has caught the fancy of netizens.

The video is a tribute to the volunteers from the state and and outside who joined hands to lend a hand to those affected by the flood. 'Spirit of Chennai', featuring actors from Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi film industries, shows the grit and resilience of the people who refused to bow down to nature's fury and reached out to those in need.

Launching the video, Vikram said, “What touched me was that despite being struck by such a calamity, the support we extended to each other and the way we overcame it was amazing. That spirit came across and I wanted to recognise it,” media reports said.

He said although he wanted MS Dhoni to be a part of the video, the cricketer couldn't make it as he was busy.

The actor said it was guilt that triggered him to come up with the video and added that when he wanted to do something for the city, this was the idea that struck him.

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