Star Wars fan threatens to shoot friend for posting spoilers

star-wars-shooting A poster of the film Star Wars: Force Awakens | AP

Spoilers are something avid fans of films or books resent. While fans become upset or even enraged when the plot of a film, series or a book are ruined for them, not many would dare to harm the ones who decided to kill the supense.

This, however, was not the case with 18-year old Arthur Charles Roy. The youngster was so angry after one of his Facebook friends posted spoilers of the latest Star Wars flick Star Wars: Force Awakens that he threatened to shoot the friend.

Roy, who was upset with the Facebook post, send a picture of him holding a gun and threatened to visit the friend at his school and shoot him.

The Facebook friend’s school in Helena, Montana was on lock down after the youngster threatened to shoot him. Roy was arrested later and was charged with felony assault with a weapon.

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