Sooraj Pancholi pulled out foetus from Jiah with his hands?

Jiah-Khan This harrowing experience deeply scared Khan | PTI

The charge sheet filed by the CBI in the Jiah Khan case has disclosed some chilling details about an 'abortion' that she underwent, giving a new twist to the case. The actor had committed suicide in June 2013.

Media reports suggest that the charge sheet revealed that her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi had aided Jiah Khan in terminating her pregnancy.

In a shocking revelation, the charge sheet reportedly discloses that Pancholi pulled out the foetus from Khan and disposed it off in the toilet.

The charge sheet filed in a sessions court reveals that the young actor was afraid that if his relationship with Khan were to be made public, his career would not take off. So, he did not want her to get admitted to a hospital to get an abortion.

The report discloses that she was four weeks pregnant when she decided to inform about it to Pancholi. They then approached a doctor who prescribed some medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) medicines which did not work, forcing the couple to go to another doctor.

According to media reports, after taking the combination of the drugs which the doctor prescribed, Khan started haemorrhaging. She rang up Pancholi who allegedly called up the doctor who prescribed the drugs for help.

Although the doctor asked him to rush her to a hospital, Pancholi was hesitant, and instead decided to extricate the foetus and flushed it down the toilet.

This harrowing experience deeply scared Khan and when Pancholi started avoiding her later, she fell into depression. According to the charge sheet, the emotional torture she was undergoing coupled with depression, forced her to take the extreme step.

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