Aliens in Independence Day: Resurgence leave India untouched. Here's the reason

Independence-Day A scene from the trailer of Independence Day: Resurgence | via Commons

Aliens may invade the US, UK or any other powerful country and blow up buildings, even historical monuments to pieces. But when it comes to India, they hesitate to touch any of our historical monuments; for they do not want to mess with the wrong country.

Well, a real alien attack may be far fetched; but not a cinematic one. When the makers of Independence Day: Resurgence planned an alien invasion and subsequent mayhem, they decided not to touch any of the historic monuments of India. According to media reports, 20th Century Fox found Indians to be 'too touchy'.

The film, hitting the theatres on June 24, has Petronas Towers, Burj Khalifa, London and Singapore among other reduced to rubble. The director of the movie Roland Emmerich had plans to show the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal. However, the makers of the film were asked not to show any of the historic monuments being destroyed keeping in mind the religious sentiments and possible opposition from various groups.

Independence Day: Resurgence stars Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman in the lead.

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