Rolls Royce launches its new model Dawn in Chennai

AUTOS-ROLLSROYCE/CEO The company says the success of Dawn is helping to broaden the brand’s audience into younger segments as well as appeal to more established customers | Reuters

Rolls Royce’s Dawn, the most regal and glamorous model, was launched in Chennai on Friday. The super-luxury Drophead, launched for the first time in South India, resets the benchmark for super-luxury convertibles in the region.

With South India’s progressive economy, growing appetite for luxury goods and increasing number of successful entrepreneurs, Rolls-Royce has targeted the area for future growth, says its Regional Sales Manager, South Asia, Sven J. Ritter. Adding that South India continues to be a very important area for Rolls-Royce, Ritter says that it is both an economic growth driver for the country and an increasingly vibrant market for super-luxury goods. “The tour of Dawn in the region signals our confidence in the potential of cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi,” he said.

INTERVIEW: Rolls Royce’s Regional Sales Manager talks about its plans for India

“The success of Dawn is helping to broaden the brand’s audience into younger segments as well as appeal to more established customers. Its bold and contemporary design signals the transformation of the brand, yet retains all the hallmarks of Rolls-Royce excellence in craftsmanship and engineering,” he says. The new Rolls-Royce Dawn features 80 percent unique body panels and new tyres as special fitment for the model. Says Ritter, “Our engineers have paid great attention to Dawn’s roof, which delivers the silence of a Wraith when it is up and operates in just over 20 seconds at a cruising speed of up to 50km/h. Working with a fabric roof configuration, the goal was to make the quietest convertible car in the world today. This quest for silence applied to all aspects of the roof’s engineering and by extension the new motor car.” Now etched into automotive parlance – the smooth and noiseless mechanism of Dawn’s roof is called the Silent Ballet, he adds. While remaining one of the largest canopies to grace a convertible car, Dawn’s roof tops a graceful, beautiful and sensuous design.

With its design ethos, Rolls Royce has created a cabin that conveys all the hallmarks of the brand’s peerless craftsmanship combined with a philosophy of effortless, yet invigorating driving experience. “At Rolls-Royce, we pride ourselves as creators of fine motor cars that also serve as social spaces. The idea of creating a car like Dawn that can be used in comfort by only two adults on a day to day basis is anathema. In creating Dawn we have accepted no compromise to the comfort and luxury of four adults who want to travel together in the pinnacle of style.” Ritter says with pride.

Dawn’s highly contemporary, four-seat super-luxury Drophead is an evolution of Rolls-Royce’s design language, with one clear objective: to make a car that looks as beautiful with its roof up as with it down.

Five things you should know about launch of Dawn

♦ Rolls-Royce’s most seductive motor car presented for the first time in South India

♦ Dawn embarks on tour of South India: Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kochi

♦ South India expected to be future growth area for Rolls-Royce

♦ Pinnacle drophead continues tradition of specially built Rolls-Royce convertibles such as “The Star of India”

♦ Its retail price Rs.6.25 crore

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