Banjara's exits fairness creams' segment


After Ghana announced a ban on skin bleaching products and Kangana Ranaut turned down an offer to endorse fairness cream, Hyderabad-based herbal cosmetics company Banjara's has announced its exit from the fairness products segment.

“The notion that only fair is beautiful has gone overboard. The stores are full of fairness products from all brands–domestic as well as multinationals. The market has become too lope-sided. In reality, there is more to a skin cream than fairness,” says Ramesh Vishwanathan, managing director of Banjara's.

Taking a stand against the obsession with fair skin, Banjara's has resolved to stay away from the fairness products segment, comprising about 75 per cent-80 per cent of the beauty creams market. “I hope the market will change and people will buy creams meant for good skin and not for fairness. But having said that, once we have preached that you do not have to be fair to be beautiful, we have to practice it. I do not know if we will be able to justify this decision in terms of business returns, but I do believe that this segment will move over,” says Vishwanathan.

Banjara's has also launched an online campaign, Proud of My Colour, urging women to fight the stigma against dark skin. "The sad truth is, more often than not, the notion that dark skin is unattractive and undesirable starts at home. When your close ones tell you that you are not good enough, your confidence takes a hit," says Vishwanathan. As part of the campaign, the company has released a video that has already garnered over three million hits on social media.

Proud of My Color's Facebook page has over 2 lakh followers. The company has also launched a new range of skin care products, Skin Positive.

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