How being Indian became cool

In my United Nations years, one of the dilemmas foreigners often confronted was in dealing with the...

By Shashi Tharoor | May 07, 2017
R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Chief of Bureau, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


  • Striptease on Raisina Hill

    Striptease on Raisina Hill

    By R Prasannan | April 23, 2017

    Legend has it that Lady Godiva, the comely Countess of Mercia, rode naked through the streets of Coventry to save the peasantry from her husband's excessive taxes. The good...

  • Secret of the Kashmir tunnels

    Secret of the Kashmir tunnels

    By R Prasannan | April 09, 2017

    Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Oblong Box is about a man who carries a large mysterious box on a sea voyage which ends in disaster. It is later revealed that the box had...

  • Order, order! Disorder too!

    Order, order! Disorder too!

    By R Prasannan | March 26, 2017

    Old socialist Rabi Ray, who passed away last week at 91, had been living in oblivion for a while. But a few old Parliament hands had remembered him last year, when Speaker...

  • Respect the Army; not worship

    Respect the Army; not worship

    By R Prasannan | March 12, 2017

    Journalist James Reston, to whom Henry Kissinger used to leak (or plant?) state department stories, once said: “The ship of state is the only known vessel that leaks from the...

  • You too, Navy? Then fall, Tejas

    You too, Navy? Then fall, Tejas

    By R Prasannan | February 26, 2017

    Narendra Modi is keen on making arms in India. But, who will buy from India? Not our armed forces. The Navy chief has poured cold water on the Indian scientists' dream of...

  • Thy finger, great anarch!

    Thy finger, great anarch!

    By R Prasannan | February 12, 2017

    Are we voting too often? The President and the PM think so. A few months ago, Narendra Modi told an interviewer that we are “trapped in a cycle of elections” and it is time to...

  • Glorified olive green; neglected khaki

    Glorified olive green; neglected khaki

    By R Prasannan | January 29, 2017

    A grumpy border constable doesn’t like his field breakfast. An Army trooper is aggrieved that batmen, now called sahayaks, are treated as officers’ servants. A CRPF cop feels the...

  • Uneasy lies the brass-hatted head

    Uneasy lies the brass-hatted head

    By R Prasannan | January 15, 2017

    How would it have looked if the government had said it was appointing the raider of the Myanmar camp as the Army chief? The one million men whom Gen Bipin Rawat was going to...

  • Generals who skipped and jumped

    Generals who skipped and jumped

    By R Prasannan | January 01, 2017

    On Vijay Diwas, December 16, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his tribute to “all those who fought courageously in the 1971 war”. The next day, he served a nasty shock to the...

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