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We have on our blog today, Mr Balwinder Chawla, a senior journalist and TV show host. His vast body of work touched a new high—let us be very clear, a new high, not low—a few days back, when he interviewed an upcoming Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. His name became the most googled one thereafter. Till then, Sunny Leone, was said to be among the most googled persons.

Mr Chawla, welcome to Mocktale.

Mocktale: How does it feel to have interviewed Sunny Leone?
BC: You know, I have become the most googled TV anchor since. How often does it happen that the interviewer becomes more famous than the celebrity he is interviewing?

Mocktale: True. You sure have to thank her for sitting across and making you more famous than your countless shows did. How did you pick on her to be your guest?
BC: Look at her success story. She was a porn star who has finally made it in the Hindi film industry. She deserved to be on my show.

Mocktale: What was her struggle like? How did she shake off the porn tag?
BC: As a matter of fact, I forgot to ask her that. We did not talk about her struggle.

Mocktale: You had so much of time to interview her. You must have asked her about her Bollywood dream. What inspired her to come so far from Canada and try her luck here?
BC: I was not interested in her Bollywood dreams and what inspired her to come to Mumbai.

Mocktale: Surely, your viewers would have wanted to know a few things about what happened when she landed here.. Who helped her? Did she have to do the round of many studios? What was the first role she was offered?
BC: Everyone attempting to make a breakthrough in Bollywood has to struggle. So that question was irrelevant.

Mocktale: Of course, I forgot every outsider has to struggle. What light did Sunny Leone throw on this casting couch aspect of the Hindi film industry?
BC: I did not ask her that. It would have been very unfair and rude. I had to stop at asking whether her background in porn films will put off stars like Aamir Khan.

Mocktale: What, as a senior journalist, did you feel like asking her?
BC: You know Indians love pornography. So, I decided to ask her about her life as a porn actor..

Mocktale: But you didnt. You only asked her if she was ashamed of that phase of her life?
BC: Ours is a family show... so how could I ask her to share the details of that life? Now if she had said she was ashamed, I could have asked her why...and then the conversation would have proceeded in a certain direction.

Mocktale: Sure, being a respectable show on a popular news channel and a senior journalist like couldnt have asked her all that. But you did ask her whether you would get morally corrupt by talking to her.
BC: Yes..that was easy to ask.. it is not offensive is about me

Mocktale: So, tell us Mr Chawla, have you got morally corrupt post the interview?
BC: I can leave this blog if you ...

(Any resemblance to any real interview aired on any channel is purely coincidental. Sunny Leone, who concealed her disgust with a smile and tremendous diginity, has once again become the most googled person. And Aamir Khan, whose tenure as the face of Incredible India has ended, has time to encourage upcoming actors and tweeted he will be happy to work with Sunny.)

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