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By mistake, indeed

amit-shah-bihar BJP national president Amit Shah addressing an election rally at Baldev College Ground, Yogiraj Circle in Bihar | PTI

“If the BJP loses in Bihar by mistake, then the victory-defeat might be in Bihar, but celebratory crackers will be burst in Pakistan”-BJP president Amit Shah at rallies in Bihar on October 29.

It was a day after the third round of polling in the five-phase elections to the Bihar assembly, amid a general feeling that the BJP-led NDA was not very comfortably placed, that party president Amit Shah changed tack from talking of all the miracles that can happen in Bihar if people vote for the NDA. He spelt out the single consequence of BJP losing Bihar 'by mistake'—terrorist organisations within the country and Pakistan celebrating.

If the BJP loses in Bihar, it will be for sure, by mistake—mistakes made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken political discourse to a new low by replacing policy and programme discussions with personal name-calling, abuses and invectives—shaitan (devil), DNA remarks and 3 idiots. Can Lalu be faulted for giving as good as he got?

But Shah has made the bigger mistake: suggesting that in not voting for the BJP and its allies, the people of Bihar will in fact be embracing the terrorists! In effect, that they will be alligned with terrorists.

The comments at the rallies took most people back to the days of the BJP's bete noire Indira Gandhi whose unpopular traits Mr Modi is adapting as if his own, and the positives not showing up anywhere.

Threat to the nation, was the idea the most powerful Congress leader and former prime minister, put in, when the US government supported Pakistan in the 1971 war. In no time at all, however, whenever things at home seemed to be a challenge for her, she would invoke the US threat and cry about 'CIA hand'. Her party too would cry out about 'foreign hand' trying to destabilise India, which the CIA indeed was doing in several African and Latin American countries.

We have always credited the voters and their wisdom for making India's democracy successful, voting out Indira Gandhi after the infamous Emergency and voting her back in as the bunch of opposition leaders quarreled over spoils of office. And also giving Mr Modi a huge mandate for development that is nowhere to be seen after almost a year and a half into office.

Shah may eventually thank the voters of the state , or cloak his disappointment in humility and say “we accept the mandate of the people”. But his act of questioning the wisdom of Indian voters, in this case , the voters of Bihar will be recalled as a big mistake. Or the mother of BJP's recent mistakes in Bihar .

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