Suzuki Intruder 150: Baby Cruiser

Suzuki Motorcycles have grown to be a formidable two-wheeler brand, thanks to its last few products that were a hit among both the critics and customers. The Gixxer twins - Gixxer and Gixxer SF - have made a mark for themselves in the market while the scooters, Access 125 and Let’s, are also bringing in some numbers. But Suzuki has plenty of unused space left in its factory and the company has decided to utilize the same with the launch of a 150cc cruiser - the Suzuki Intruder. The Intruder doesn’t have much competition in the price range except the Bajaj Avenger Street 150.


The styling of the Suzuki Intruder is very unique and there is no middle ground here. It resembles Johnny Bravo to some extent, by having a big muscular body with skinny legs and the overall profile looks disproportionate. On the top, the Intruder projects itself as a big bike with big a headlamp, swooping body panels and a great looking twin exhausts. But once you come down to the tyres, which is the same in the Gixxer range, it looks thin on the Intruder. But one can’t blame Suzuki for that, as anything wider would affect the performance. The Intruder also gets an all-digital instrument cluster seen in the Gixxer. You get loads of information on display and it will take some time to get used to.

The bike is powered by the same 155cc engine that sits on the Gixxer and Gixxer SF, with the same power and torque outputs. The engine has already proved its worthiness and is fun to rev. In this cruiser layout, the tall gearing ratios suit the bike’s character. The Intruder sits on the same frame as Gixxer but with slight modifications. The swingarm is slightly longer and the rear mono shock is shorter, which comes with an adjustable pre-load.

Though the bike is branded as a cruiser, the handling characteristics are anything but that. The sporty nature of the Gixxer comes to the fore, which is really impressive. The Intruder handles great around the corners, with a pliant ride. Despite a longer wheelbase, the Intruder feels at home going in and coming out of the corners. Forward set foot pegs, low seating position and handle bars that aren’t too far all come together for a comfortable cruising position. The brakes have a great bite and feedback but the single channel ABS to the front is not of much help but still a good option to have.

The smaller capacity engine is a great unit but for a cruiser, the engine falls short of power. A more powerful engine, beefier front forks and wider tyres would have made the Intruder a much attractive buy. The initial reactions to the Intruder are very positive but the overall formula could somehow prevent it from playing a much bigger role in Suzuki's growth in the country.

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