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Power-packed venture

  • Looking for power in a small crossover that isn’t fugly? Your search ends here. The Fiat Avventura powered by Abarth seems to be on steroids. Not only will it delight you, but will keep you coming back for more

Fiat has always been known for its timeless designs and the Fiat Avventura is no different, especially the all-new 'powered by Abarth' edition which is a mighty beast. Not only is it devastatingly handsome but it is also incredibly silent, wildly versatile and enormously powerful. We drove a beautiful Exotica Red (it is also available in Pearl White) vehicle which made heads turn everywhere we took it because of its attraction quotient which is right up there.

Powered by 1.4 l (1368 cc) T-Jet petrol engine, the Fiat Avventura isn’t the regular Avventura which comes with a 89 bhp petrol or 93 bhp diesel engine, instead this one gets a 140 bhp turbo-charged petrol engine and you have to drive it to believe it. The surge of power you experience as you press the throttle is really quite incredible and unexpected, especially if you are not ready for it. The crossover comes with a 2510 mm wheelbase and things can quickly spiral out of control, what with 210 Nm of torque@ 2,000-4,000 rpm pulling it to one side, if you can’t handle the onslaught of power, so be warned.

The grey and black interior isn’t really exciting, neither is the faux-leather and fabric combination, but the amount of space does come as a pleasant surprise. Also, the large windows and the glass area add to the spacious feel inside. The seats are generously sized and you don’t feel like you’re crammed for space, either in the front or while seated behind. However, the quality of the plastic does not impress on account of its flimsy vents and door handles. What makes up though is the decent sound system and the Blue&Me Bluetooth interface.

Fiat claims that the Avventura 'powered by Abarth' delivers 17.1 kmpl (ARAI figures.) It rides on 16-inch alloys and the tilt metre and digital compass inside can be put to good use from time to time, especially for those weekend getaways when you go off-roading. We loved the power-packed performance of this crossover; 0-100 in 9.9 seconds but we only wished the gearbox wasn’t as notchy, so that slotting gears could have been a smoother, effortless experience. Also, the steering could have been meatier. However, there is little doubt that this is a true-blue driver’s crossover and despite lacking the fit and finish when it comes to the finesse bit, it is mighty impressive to drive and own.

Length: 3,989 mm
Width: 1,706 mm
Height: 1,542 mm
Ground clearance: 205 mm

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